A Healing Guide to Having a Baby

Infertility, Emotional Wounds and Taking Back Your Power
by Jennifer Coady Murphy (Author)
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A Healing Guide to having a baby: Infertility, emotional wounds and taking back your power

Do you want to hold your baby in your arms?
Discover what’s blocking your pregnancy.
It’s NOT what you currently think!

Step out of the endless IVF whirlwind.
Jennifer Coady Murphy shares her empowering approach to overcoming infertility in this groundbreaking book.
Heal your emotional wounds and blast through your inner blocks to fertility with the Jen Method.

•Solve your unexplained infertility by confronting the 4 As and 3 Bs
•Unlock the way to your new baby with 6 factors and 1 powerful bonus.
•Create your dream pregnancy with the Jen Method,
•Banish morning sickness.
•Plus, one amazing hack to make your delivery fast, easy, and joyous.

Finally hold your baby in your arms. Free yourself from old beliefs surrounding infertility or pregnancy with Jennifer’s proven system.
Ready to stop being consumed with worries about infertility? Don’t wait any longer. Pick up this book and begin your journey to a Safe, Healthy, Happy Pregnancy!.

“After 11 failed rounds of IVF and remortgaging our home 3 times! I became pregnant naturally instantaneously after working with Jen and Healing something I had no idea was connected to pregnancy. We have a beautiful baby girl now”

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July 28, 2022
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