The Hero's Stone

Book One: Their Beginning
by Marshall,Russell (Author)
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As some search for the hope of the world wishing to be it, others hope for this to not be found, so as to tell them that the peace will continue. A broken stone tablet tells of a legend, a war, a darkness. These legends are told among the young and the old, those who believe and those who don’t, the living and the dead.

The legend tells of a savior and the destroyer; however, due to the stone being broken and only so much being left, not much is known of the prophecy that is foretold by it. Only that of a hero will find the first piece of the stone, and at the same time, the darkness will rise in the world.

Even with such a prophecy in the world, simple countrymen live in complete peace, not worrying whether it will or will not happen. Others with a sense of duty scour the land unendingly, feeling it is their responsibility to search to find what they are looking for. Kings shall order. Queens shall beckon. In the end, only the true hero may find the stone, whether they want to or not. The world is an ever-changing, mysterious place with many unknowns. One can only hope that their life goes as they dream it will while striving to make it that way with everything they have.

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August 01, 2022
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