The Healing Game

A Vietnam Soldier’s Story
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Dr. Charles L. Singleton, author, Read Between the Lines, Provocative Essays for Saving Our Children (1997, 2019), Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association, co-author, I’m Ready to Talk books volumes 1 and 2 (2020, 2022).

Almost 3,500,000 American men and women served in Southeast Asia between 1964 and 1975. The Department of Defense concluded that between 2,709,918 to 3,173,845 GI’s served in-country and in-waters of Vietnam. As of this date The American War Library estimates that approximately 610,000 Americans who served on land in Vietnam or in the air over Vietnam between 1954 and 1975 are alive today. And approximately 164,000 Americans who served at sea in Vietnam waters are alive today. Each of them has a story to tell and each story is unique. —Department of Defense: The American War Library and The Atlanta History Center.

Dr. Charles L. Singleton is one of the 610,000 Vietnam War veterans living today.
Some gave all in the Vietnam War: 58,220 US soldiers were killed.

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