Esther, God's Spiritual Gangster

by Antoinette Barnwell (Author)
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Our current world is chaotic. Violence, racism, immorality, identity confusion, self entitlement, and selfishness are more prevalent than ever before.

Our Spiritual enemy, Satan, is camouflaging himself through demonic spirits of addiction, pornography, depression and suicide, trying to deceive and destroy God’s people and to hinder the Kingdom of God from progressing forward.

The current condition of our world, should cause a Holy indignation to rise up on the inside of Christians. Provoking a fervent and passionate zeal, that brings change and lets Satan know that he can’t have our family, our marriage or our God given dreams.

Christians can no longer sit on the sidelines of life, being politically correct, agreeing with the twisted morals, values and negative mindset of our society, that’s being proclaimed as truth.

Queen Esther accepted and passionately pursued God’s purpose for her life. She held onto it like a piece of steak between the teeth of a bull dog’s mouth and didn’t let it go, until she completed it.

It’s time for Christians to “put up or shut up!”

We must stop chasing the idols and the things of this world that have no eternal significance and when death calls our name, it will not matter.

Christians must become “Spiritual Gangsters” in the sense of pledging an allegiance and commitment to the covenant and personal relationship we have with God, through his Son, Jesus Christ.

When Christians walk in the Spiritual authority Jesus Christ gave us, using our spiritual weapons of prayer, fasting, praise and intercession, Satan and his kingdom will be destroyed.

Matthew 11:12, (KJV),


And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

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July 29, 2022
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