Encouragement from the Psalms

A Devotional Commentary the Book of a Study of the Soul
by Dr. B (Author)
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As Genesis begins with the Divine blessing on Man (Gen. 1:26), so Psalm 1 opens with “Blessed is the man.”

All blessedness for man is shown to consist in subjection, obedience, and occupation with God’s Law. It is the Tree of Life to him; and meditating on this, he becomes like a well-watered tree planted by God’s ever flowing River of Life in the Paradise of God. (See Rev. 22; Ezek. 47:1-5; Ps. 46:4-5).

James Brandon, a pastor and missionary, shares encouragement from the Psalms in this devotional commentary. He breaks down the structure of the Psalms and drills down into their lessons.

His focus in this first volume is the first book of the Psalms, including Psalm 21, which he calls the “central psalm.” It sets forth the eternal life and blessedness of God’s king, Jesus Christ.

This volume includes an examination of Psalm 16, which is the first of the Mictam Psalms. These Psalms are prayers for help and deliverance.

The Psalms are a wonderland of devotion. They will enrich your soul, enlighten your mind, and encourage your spirit. Most importantly, they provide principles for living your life as you walk with the Lord.

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