Finneus The Dolphin

The Story Of A Boy Who Becomes A Dolphin
by Michael Green (Author)
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This is the story of Phillip, a teen surfer from the sleepy town of Beluga Bay, who finds himself in the body of Finneus the dolphin after the dolphin saved him from drowning on a huge wave. Phillip always dreamed of being a dolphin, but this dream could become a nightmare if he can't survive in the ocean and find a way back to his human body, which now lays in a coma.

Phillip loves the feeling of being in the dolphin's body. He can swim very fast, jump high out of the water, and ride any wave he wants to. He quickly realizes the high intelligence of the dolphins, and the difference between them and humans is very small. He's fascinated how he can communicate with all other ocean creatures.

Along with his brother Linnaeus and cousin Pelorus, the three recently orphaned dolphins explore the ocean and experience killer whales, a blue whale mother and calf, migrating gray whales, tiger sharks, and schools of tuna hunting anchovies, which dolphins love to do. They also have fun riding waves with surfers and off of the bows of large ships.

Finneus leads their journey to prevent other dolphins from being orphaned and to save Beluga Bay from being changed from a charming small beach community to a busy yachting town and destroying local surf spots. These three have a lot of things to do and not much time.

Phillip's family continues to suffer wondering if he'll ever wake from his coma, while Finneus faces life threatening situations, trying to survive on dolphin instinct, human knowledge, and help from his buddies.

Have you ever wanted to be a dolphin? Will Finneus save other dolphins from harm? Will Finneus make it back to Phillip and his human body? Will Phillip recover from the coma?


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August 01, 2022
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