Trailing Jesus in the Old Testament

de Osley,Jacques (Autor)
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If you ever had the impression that the God of the Hebrews who strikes his enemies, requires blood sacrifices, and orders destruction of cities and tribes contradicts with the image of the forgiving, loving, and kind God of the New Testament, then you need to get a ride with the author on this journey, trailing Jesus in the Old Testament.

By learning about the relation that the Lord had with the people of the Old Testament, we would get to know God and start a real relation with him. The whole book is one love story filled with compassion, trust, betrayal, and forgiveness. It is the story of God's promise to deliver a nation that will live endlessly; however, we needed to wait for the birth of the promised Messiah, his teachings, death, and resurrection to realize that the promised nation is not of this world.

This book doesn't only take you on a tour and show you a variety of scenes in an array of scriptures. It also invites you to make your own discovery and to build your own relation with God.

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1 de agosto de 2022
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