The Bitches that Brunch with Cap n' Crunch

de Luiz,Sarah (Auteur)
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The possibilities of friendships are endless, and friends that are true and authentic toward one another last the test of time. Friendships are the pearls which we string together as our lives move forward. If we are lucky, these friendships teach us things that only they can. Some call it karma. The Bitches That Brunch with Kaptan Krunch tells the story of such friendships between the best of women and men. They quickly learn how their lives are hinged upon one another so that it all works and no one truly ever gets sick and tired of one another. What happens in this book will surprise you as you begin to relate to many of these characters and those friends who could be in your actual lives.

Uncover their successes, hopes, and dreams. Life is just that a journey, and even though these women and men have learned so much about themselves and their lives, there still are many twists and turns. Can money, power, and fame be handled in a reasonable fashion for all of them, or are there dark clouds that seem to follow some with a dark hunger to damage and take them down one at a time?

Miracles can happen, but that means truth shall set them free. Stay tuned for the ride that only these friends can share together as well as apart! You’ll find yourself being a cheerleader, wanting what you believe the ending should accomplish. Will it? You’ll just have to read and see if they will become your heroes. Or will darkness claim their spirit? One thing will be for sure—around each bend is another thrill, because these characters just don’t give up or give in. They are in it to win it!

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1 août 2022
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