Empowering Young Readers

Dialogic Reading with Integrated Vocabulary Enrichment
by Dina Moore (Author), Cheryl C. Durwin (Author)
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Empowering Young Readers: Dialogic Reading with Integrated Vocabulary Enrichment is designed to familiarize adults with a fun and engaging approach to reading with children that promotes their reading comprehension and vocabulary development. This book outlines an evidence-based approach called Dialogic Reading with Integrated Vocabulary Enrichment, or DRIVE, that adults can use while reading together with preschool children and children in the early elementary grades. Beginning with an overview of the importance of shared reading and the key skills necessary for children to become successful readers, Empowering Young Readers then transitions to describing the easy-to-use approach for creating meaningful dialogues while reading stories, beginning with concrete strategies used in DRIVE that are easily remembered by the acronym, EMPOWERED. Also provided are recommendations on ways to encourage vocabulary development while using the DRIVE approach, suggestions for choosing appropriate books to implement the approach, additional tips for an optimal reading experience, and a summary chapter that includes valuable resources.

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August 09, 2022
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