Summary of Conor Knighton's Leave Only Footprints

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 I had known exactly what my future held, or at least the most important part of it, when I was planning my wedding. But when my fiancée suddenly left me for another man, I was left with no future.

#2 I had gotten into the habit of giving myself pep talks after my breakup, but this was a full-volume aha moment. I knew I was going to find a way to do this no matter what.

#3 I gave thirty days’ notice to my landlord and started packing up my stuff and selling what I could. I was going to live on the road for a year, camping and crashing with friends along the way.

#4 The Great Plains is a landscape as vast as the prairie, but much more difficult to process. Each formation demands its own form of attention, and the predominant hue is a washed-out gray.

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August 03, 2022
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