Forever and Always, My Love

The Den of the Wolves
de Barton,Renee (Auteur)
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What will Renee do now after being forced to leave the love of her life behind, not to mention her entire life? She’s lost without anyone to seek comfort in and has no idea where to go! Where will this new journey into the unknown carry her to? Join her on this new adventure to find out just what happens next! When all hope is lost, sometimes facing the issue head on is the only way to survive! Never give up hope and be unstoppable because only you can build your future and giving up is not an option! I don’t know about you, but it always seems like some kind of an obstacle is always being thrown in her path of life, but this girl is not about to lie down with defeat! She’s just going to keep bulldozing that mofo out of her way!

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4 août 2022
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