The Adventures of Emina

by Obioma Osae-Brown (Author)
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The Adventures of Emina is the product of over twenty years work on issues of advocacy for girls, women, and all youths. The issues of girl education have been at the center of cultural, religious, and socio-economic controversy both locally and internationally. From the need to empower girls championed by the United Nations, to young militant voices like Malala, and the move towards STEM education as the pathway to the future.

Emina, from a fictional remote part of Africa, attempts to break from a retrogressive culture that marginalizes girls and impedes their quest for education. Emina’s attempt to go to school though marred by bullying, torture, and trauma, creates a series of events that lead to a new life overseas, just in time to become part of new educational dynamics. Emina gets a chance to be one step closer to her dreams, an aspiration cultivated after an encounter at the city. Education could be the catalyst, bridge, and pathway, especially in a post COVID world.

This book has been a family collaboration: Artistic input from husband, Isaac, editorial work from son, and an adept critique from daughter, Nanaba. George Franco has provided the great illustrations in the book. Enjoy!!

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August 03, 2022
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