A Home Gamer's Guide to Financial Independence

Stock Trading for Retail Investors
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This book is dedicated to the education of the home gamer, an amateur stock market investor/trader who buys and sells individual common stocks through online brokers such as Fidelity, Schwab, and others. The focus is on helping you make the important decisions required to successfully select, buy, and sell individual stocks. The strategies described do not include high-risk activities such as short selling and options trading. In fact, the methods presented are designed to minimize financial risks and avoid high-anxiety situations.

For those of you who have decided to delve into stock trading, this book is intended to span the knowledge gap between the occasional stock buyer and the serious retail investor who is pursuing financial independence and a comfortable retirement. Think of this as a guide in developing the ability to take advantage of financial opportunities and become financially savvy.

The process of buying and selling stocks is largely about balancing risk and reward. Those who seek financial independence are well-advised to use methods that minimize risk and maximize reward. Since retail investors cannot control stock market movements, success is achievable by taking advantage of what the market will give you. The reader will learn how to recognize these opportunities and maximize them in order to build a portfolio without exposure to high risks.

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