Sustainable School Improvement

Fueling the Journey with Collective Efficacy and Systems Thinking
by Patricia Wright (Author)
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The book addresses two key barriers to school improvement that are currently impacting educators and school leaders. The first is the churn of constant change in the form of multiple initiatives and compliance overload experienced by today’s educators. It is not uncommon to hear a teacher say, “I can’t focus on the kids; there are just too many things to do. I’m overwhelmed.” Has change itself become a distraction? Has it forced educators to move not toward but away from their primary focus – student learning? The second barrier is a dependency on outdated assumptions, or roadblock thinking, that cause schools to act in ways contrary to sound educational practice. This book challenges educators to embrace forward thinking. Instead of depending on the next newest innovation or program or falling back to “the way we have always done it,” the CAR provides a framework that allows educators and school leaders to equitably and coherently address student learning by engaging in the deep conversations that are vital to effective practice. The book offers a universal blueprint that coherently and strategically connects curriculum standards, student learning, professional learning, and school culture to achieve meaningful and sustainable change that directly impacts student outcomes.

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August 09, 2022
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