<div><b>A laugh-out-loud picture book about bad habits from internationally acclaimed </b><b>author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake.</b><br /><br />Nose picking? Nail biting? Wiping dirty hands on clothes? Before you call them &quot;bad manners,&quot; consider the compelling reasons that may be behind these behaviors. For instance, jumping on the bed is great practice for when the road becomes a trampoline! Not being able to sit still might actually be the chair&#39;s fault! And what better way to train for the International Straw Chewing Contest than by chewing on straws?<br /><br />This hilarious picture book unpacks the reasons behind a variety of relatable behaviors. Clever and creative, it will inspire children and parents alike to expand their powers of reason and view their own habits in a new, humorous, and&mdash;most importantly&mdash;forgiving light. After all, there&#39;s an explanation for everything!<br /><br />ENCOURAGES CREATIVE THINKING: This humorous picture book encourages readers to laugh at their &ldquo;bad habits.&rdquo; Kids will delight in the narrator&#39;s endless explanations, which are at once hilarious, thoughtful, and absurd.<br /><br />A UNIQUE TAKE ON MANNERS: Manners matter, but we are only human! Thought-provoking scenarios make for fun (and forgiving) conversations about our silliest tendencies.<br /><br />PERFECT FOR REPEAT READS: With a comic-esque art style, an engaging story, a fast pace, and a charming voice, this humorous picture book will have young readers asking to read it again and again.<br /><br />FROM AN AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR: Fans of the critically acclaimed picture books <i>The Boring Book</i> and <i>There Must Be More Than That!</i> will immediately recognize author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake&#39;s signature illustration style, humor, and imaginative sensibility.<br /><br />Perfect for:<ul><li>Fans of award-winning author-illustrator Shinsuke Yoshitake</li><li>Parents seeking a humorous book about manners</li><li>Parents, grandparents, and caregivers</li></ul></div>

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23 août 2022
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