Secrets Within

by Sha'Lawn D. Williams (Author)
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First, I must give God all the Glory for carrying me from the age of four until nineteen. I’m grateful he taught me to forgive. Sexual abuse wants to rob your peace, your joy, and destroy relationships. In this book, I’m inviting you on my journey of learning how to confront pain that no child should have to carry alone. I remember being told that there can be no healing until I faced the pain.

In this journey, you will discover how I dealt with multiple relatives molesting me, being raped, and actually having to realize my father had a deep dark secret he didn’t want his only child to see (me), which was his brown liquor and the spirit of perversion. Because of brown liquor, I experienced the ultimate betrayal and became homeless.

I pray that every single person facing sexual abuse accepts that they are not alone. Never let anyone silence you because your story will help free someone else. After reading this book, I hope you walk away wanting to fight for your freedom, healing, restoration.

My prayer is that you learn these six things.

1. Stop waiting on an apology because an apology may not come.

2. Find a trusted source to talk to.

3. Understand healing and forgiveness isn’t over night. It’s a process.

4. Don’t blame yourself but choose to love yourself.

5. Take back your self-esteem and release the shame.

6. Never let anyone mute your tongue because God has given you a voice to cry out loud and spare not.

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August 03, 2022
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