Reign of the Essence

Encyclopedia of Critical Thinking
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For centuries the debates over if there is a God or not?
Have tempted curious minds to meditate on the whys and hows of our mysterious universe.
Splitting into two major faculties or aptitudes are the atheists, the skeptics, and the theists, the believers.
The irony, the paradox, is the very scientific notions that were once rendered leveraged to the nonbelievers.
It has turned into an autoimmune disease attacking the body, the white cells, striking the tissues that used to support it.
Because no systematic laws applicable to the physical world are compatible with the unseen world. The quantum domain.
I call the metaphysically oriented submicroscopic realm the sphere of God since the bizarre behaviors are puzzling the beautiful minds of our time.
The scholarly-minded scientists and prominent physicists unanimously confess that no Newtonian laws or any traditional physic have the answer to this majestic, exalted environment.
Reign of essence/ the encyclopedia of critical thinking is the closest that the reader can come in quenching one’s thirst in search of the truth; since no better source can philosophically, scientifically, ethically, morally, spiritually, and historically attribute to facts referencing the visible and the ethereal (ghostly) atmosphere so evidential to a magnificent programmer. Leaving no doubt, we live in a computer-simulated matrix since the extremely orderly and regulated universe. Operates like unique computer bits, tuning our world and beyond. Acknowledging, gravitating to essential premises, and apart from fiction and determinant notions that are not thoroughly, methodologically investigated.
Contiguous, bordering, the nearest that one can come to God as the transparent image of the almighty; perhaps looking at the human brain hinting at alien-like characters should remind us of conforming simulated clone dominion.
With a thorough look into the invisible domain, the quantum world. I called it the metaphysical realm. The culprits and the ignorance should realize it is not what it is. Becoming concerned makes much sense. It is not what it looks like. There is a higher source; call it what you wish; I call the preeminent God.

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