The Mystery of God

Hidden Truths Since Timeless Times
by Clinton Cruickshank (Author)
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In October of 2007, author Clinton Cruickshank began to receive a series of revelations of unaccustomed clarity. Because of the content, he understood these were revelations from God. In The Mystery of God, Cruickshank shares these revelations, telling how the Lord reveals himself to us.

In it, he provides the answers to an array of questions that have tantalized humankind for centuries. To explain some of God’s puzzling works and acts, Cruickshank created and drew on a variety of new terms and expressions, such as the Hologram Principle, the Inverse Hologram Principle, the Infinite Infrastructure, the Primary Receiving Channel (PRC) and the Secondary Receiving Channel (SRC) and many more.

The Mystery of God also addresses more than three dozen essential questions with answers that reveal his purpose or designs for us and for his kingdom. God explained why he is the alpha and the omega and defines the difference between himself as God the alpha and himself as God the omega while remaining the same one and only God. Cruickshank uncovers the surprising glimpses and tantalizing tastes of a divine view that allows us an extraordinary peek into God’s mystery.

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August 02, 2022
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