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Exactly How the Law of Attraction Works for You
by Jessica Cook (Author)
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You know, just as well as I do, that this world truly is a journey. Graced with sky-high mountains and carved with ever-falling trenches, life has offered you the perfect balance of everything you could ever need. In this book, however, you will learn about the most crucial aspects of life that seem to slip past the conscious mind. You will learn the most important Universal Law, and you will learn exactly how and when to use it in order to achieve anything you desire. Filled with examples, lessons, and easy-to-understand explanations of the Law of Attraction, this book gives you the gift you need to understand reality. It is presented in the form of seventy-eight different real-life scenarios in order to address every possible question or perspective you may have. So many people in this world live and breathe the Law of Attraction, continually proving its value. Now, it’s your turn to understand.

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August 02, 2022
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