The Transforming Power of a Mountaintop

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The Transforming Power of a Mountaintop explores life from the vantage point of one particular mountaintop—the Mount of Transfiguration.

Dr. Clark G. Armstrong, who has pastored four churches and overseen the planting of fourteen more during forty years of ministry, explores the significance of the transfiguration miracle in the life of Jesus, his disciples, and all Christians, including the readers of this study.

The author examines the miracle and uses it as an opportunity to ask questions such as:

• Have you experienced your own Mount of Transfiguration moment of worship?

• Why did Jesus need to be on that mountaintop?

• How did events on the mountaintop confirm Jesus is the Messiah?

Over thirty years later, Peter was still overwhelmed by what he saw on the mountaintop when he wrote about it in his second letter. What he draws the most attention to is the affirmation and endorsement of the Son by His Father. His affirmation was nearly the same as it was at Jesus’s baptism except that, at the transfiguration, the Father added the phrase “listen to him.”

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