God's Principles

How to Live Debt Free and Gain Financial Freedom
by Kim Mai Skidmore (Author)
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Is debt choking you? Are you living from one paycheck to the other and can't keep your head above water? Do you want a better financial future?

Discover how to tackle your financial problems and live debt-free. Learn how to invest wisely, start a rainy day fund for emergencies, and leave a lasting legacy for your children.

In this simple yet practical book, you will find the answers you need to your big questions about financial freedom. You are not alone in the financial desert. Many people have found themselves in crises for several reasons--unemployment, poor advice, pandemics, and divorce. But you don't have to stay in the money rut. Get out with focus by applying these proven steps to your life. You were born to thrive, not barely survive. You were made to lend, not borrow.

Read this life-changing book written by an experienced financial coach, and watch your situation turn around for the better. You will gain valuable insight, guidance, and sound principles to break the debt choke hold and flourish.

Also discover,

how to follow God's ways financially,

how to find peace and freedom,

how to pay off debt faster, and

how to build wealth and keep it.

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August 05, 2022
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