Prospering On God's Promises

365 Days of Faith-Building Devotions
by Reid,David Wesley (Author)
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Enough is enough! Contemporary culture has become so antagonistic to Christian beliefs and values that it has put many Christians on the defensive. This isn't good, it isn't necessary, and it isn't right. Christianity is good news, enduring in its truths and applicable to all persons in all places at all times. We Christians never need to feel defensive about what we believe. Christ is God's unique revelation in history, and the Christian message is life-giving. God has given us so many great promises in his word that reinforce the timeless vitality and applicability of the Christian message, promises that prosper the soul. This book is all about these great promises, offered in daily devotional form and complete with a brief prayer.

Christians survive and thrive on God's promises. They're the spiritual air we breathe. Believing and trusting in God's promises will make us spiritually healthy, of if you will, prosperous

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August 05, 2022
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