Coyote Tales

by Hamilton,Karen (Author)
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Coyote Tales is about a coyote and his coat. Coyote looks like any other coyote at first sight. His coat is fur on the outside, but it turns into a different coat when need be. This coat has many pockets with all the answers to any questions you might have, and that is where the adventure begins. In Coyote Tales, Coyote meets Little Warrior, not yet six winters old, who couldn't find his parents. Then he meets Ophelia, an octopus that has found herself out of the ocean and in a place she has never been. She has many experiences. And lastly, Coyote meets his old friend Raccoon who also lives in the woods. They take a trip to town and get into all kinds of trouble. Fortunately, Coyote has his other coat, and they all find answers there. Coyote is a jokester, and he brings about balance of wisdom and folly.

Writing Coyote Tales was one of the best experiences of my life. I thank God for them as I know he had a very big hand in the writing of them. I hope they bring laughter and joy to all who read them.

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August 05, 2022
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