My Knee Bows Before Jesus

How to Praise Him
by Helena Beaulieu (Author)
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This delightful children's book carries youngsters on a day-long journey of praising Jesus. The beautifully written story captivates images, details, and specific actions of faith for children. The book offers enchanting steps for young ones to grasp the ultimate joy and comfort of glorifying in the Lord.

Carefully selected and significant Bible verses are simple for children's understanding. The supportive Bible verses pair well with the engaging words and pictures on each page. Children will be inspired and learn the wonderful ways of praising God throughout their entire day.

The book provides parents with a "golden opportunity" to show and encourage their child to practice efforts in praise and devotion to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fear, worry, anxiety and depression are removed when praising Jesus. The results of actively glorifying our Lord brings contentment, peace, security and triumph for all children.


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August 05, 2022
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