The Depth of the Soul

by Theodore Weaver (Author)
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The Depth of the Soul dives deep into your innermost being. What is the soul? Is it the mind of man? Is it what makes you do or be who you are? What is death, and what follows in direct relation to believing or not believing in Jesus Christ? He created you and can raise you from the dead or heal you in your condition. He was and is from the beginning. No truth is higher than his truth.

Chapter 7 talks about self-defense in the spirit, and know that Psalm 91 is a written attack against the demonic realm. We are blessed to be a part of the rapture of the church as the trumpet sounds and we escape the horror of the Great Tribulation.

We will escape the second death. We will enjoy the new heaven and the new earth wherein righteousness dwells. You will see what is destroying the moral fiber of this nation and what is affecting negatively the children of the United States and the rest of the world.

Follow Ted as he travels around the globe with the US Navy and mission trips to Zambia and Zimbabwe, Africa, and Central and Southern India and travels five hundred miles onto the Amazon rainforest in the country of Brazil.

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August 05, 2022
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