Steward of God's Mysteries

by Mary Esther Shahbazi (Author)
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Steward of God's Mysteries is about God's power in my life to prophesy the true events, dreams, ghosts, visions, aliens, and reality throughout the world. He has chosen me to see the wonders of heaven and signs beneath and on the earth. Call it a sixth sense or possessing an unnatural power, but whatever it is, it's a continuous and constant ability to see, hear, and experience the supernatural. Often I wonder, why me? Why was I chosen to see family and events of the future? Why was I chosen at all to see the Holy Ghost? Why was I abducted? Is it because others think I am kind or funny or a good subject to experiment on? Some say I am a medium, some show much ridicule, saying even more, and still I pray to not know what I know out of fear. I wrote this book to release the fear I hold from the God-given abilities he has bestowed upon me throughout my lifetime, as it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Lord Jesus. But it is a dangerous thing to fall out of the hands of the Lord. My true testimonies throughout this book were for my own private release until somehow I have been led to publicize this information. Hopefully, others will read these truths and come closer to God knowing that he is real and he is working in people's lives. God willing, he has shown all these mysterious things to me for his meaningful reasons, and I give God all the glory! Through these trying times with COVID and massive storms, the only choice to find peace is through Jesus Christ, the true Son of God and the Holy Ghost! All I have made known in this book is true, and I say that upon my death in the flesh, as our spirit lives forever and we all "must pay for what we do!"

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August 05, 2022
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