Through My Tears Came Midnight Meditation

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Have you ever reached a point when you’re just tired of everything in life? Have you felt like throwing in the towel and forgetting about everything? Doesn’t that sound like the enemy? He knows just what God has in store for our lives. If we could all see how our end will be and what God has in store for us, we wouldn’t feel like giving up.

Hardships and obstacles may characterize author Barbara Parker-Jervis’ youthful days and even periods of her adulthood, but through it all she remained humbled and relied solely on the promises of God. In Through My Tears Came Midnight Meditation, she offers a collection of readings that resulted from a lot of hurt, heartbreak, and guilt while experiencing rough moments in her life.

Through a host of scripture and reflections, Parker-Jervis reminds you that the solution to whatever you face in life is to be anchored with God.

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August 03, 2022
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