Take the Pain out of Pre-Algebra

Success Strategies for Struggling Math Students & Other Kids Too
de James Slosson (Autor)
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Low-achieving math students are different than students who succeed at math. They need a different instructional approach to be successful.

Jim Slosson’s practical, humorous mixture of theory and personal stories provides you the tools to help your students get ready for Algebra I. Loaded with real-life examples of Jim’s success strategies, the book provides you with practical tips on setting a class tone, delivering instruction, creating assignments, grading, and discipline. This book will help your students learn more math while you improve the quality of your professional life.

Using success strategies, you can improve students’ math achievement by 2.5–3.0 grade levels, and you will go home earlier. Success strategies have been used in more than 150 classrooms in 50 separate districts from Western Washington to the Midwest.
Jim’s chapter on discipline should be required reading for beginning teachers—maybe some veteran teachers too.

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