Life Is Unkind

Life Is Unkind

by Robert Rogers (Author)
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Life is Unkind

Robert Rogers is a retired Army officer. He completed two tours as an Infantry officer in Vietnam. He grew up in an impoverished environment in Oklahoma and California. He has a Master’s degree in Speech and has written fiction and poem books that reflect stories of real life. He resides in Leavenworth, Kansas.

Published Books

Fictional Books

Times Change
Boyhood and the Vietnam war

Disappointingly Old
Life changes when growing older
Written in a poetic style

The Perils of Money
Money is not always welcomed

Poem Books

Things I Know
Real life happenings

Love and Hate
Good and bad experiences

Love Poems
Men and women relationships

Love and War
Love and the results of war

Poetic Stories
Wanting and Lasting Love

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August 03, 2022
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