Summary of Silvia Pettem's Someone's Daughter

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#1 I had come to present the story of Mary Rippon, the first woman professor at the University of Colorado, and I was dressed for the part, wearing a high-necked, ivory-colored blouse made by a friend. Around my shoulders I had draped a chocolate brown beaver fur wrap.

#2 The cemetery was bustling with activity as volunteers dressed in black played the part of mourners. The land had been occupied by roaming bands of Arapaho Indians in October 1858, when scattered settlements of Arapahos were encamped at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

#3 The cemetery was the setting for a Victorian-era reenactment. I was nervous about portraying the Victorian woman professor, but I knew my character well. I had researched her life for a biography.

#4 I was talking about Mary Rippon, who had chosen her career over motherhood, when I noticed a woman’s small gray stone next to Jane Doe’s grave. It was engraved with some stylized leaves and a flower with five distinct petals, a cinquefoil.

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