Summary of Corey Robin's The Enigma of Clarence Thomas

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#1 The classic American autobiography narrates a pilgrim’s progress, originating in chaos and ending in clarity. But for Clarence Thomas, his life story is more like an un-ironic Henry Adams, never reaching illumination and mastery.

#2 In American autobiographies, the countryside is often a place of horror, while the city is an answer to the rural. However, this is not the case in African American autobiographies, where the city is often a source of racism and hostility.

#3 Thomas’s dislike of black liberals stems from the fact that he believes they are the product of light-skinned privilege. He believes that because light-skinned black elites have the skills and cultural capital to represent the race, they see themselves as the public face and natural leaders of the black community.

#4 After moving from rural Pin Point to urban Savannah, Thomas attended all-male Holy Cross in 1968, one of nineteen black men recruited by the legendary Father John Brooks. His peers were far more hostile towards him than he was towards them.

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