Summary of Edward Keyes's The Michigan Murders

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#1 When Marilyn Pindar did not come home on Sunday night, her sister, Sheila, was alarmed. She and a couple of friends had dropped by the apartment a little after 7:30 the previous evening, to find her sister out, and after waiting a few minutes, had left. They had not heard from Marilyn since.

#2 The typical missing persons case is some restless student taking off on a lark. In such environments, the police are usually hard pressed to find anything suspicious.

#3 Following her disappearance, the Pindars showed themselves to be people of extraordinary self-possession. They remained on the surface unruffled. The father returned to his job, the mother to her normal household routine.

#4 The Marilyn Pindar case was opened up on July 11, when Detective Lieutenant Vern Howard was assigned to it. He pieced together a timeline of her last known movements on Sunday, July 9, the day she went missing. She went to church, then to the university, and finally to Silver Lake.

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