Summary of Erleigh Wiley's A Target on my Back

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Sample Book Insights:

#1 On March 31, 2013, an old white Crown Victoria drove along the pavement of farm-to-market road 987 outside of Dallas. The driver knew the road well, and had made the journey many times. He was being excessively cautious, however, and speeding.

#2 I was elected the first African American countywide officeholder in Kaufman County in 2002, and the first female County Court-at-Law Judge in 2003. I had taken on a favorite Democratic candidate and won.

#3 I was reminded that doing what was right didn’t always rule the day, and that a wrongdoer wouldn’t care about the facts or the law. The events of the morning were a kaleidoscope; a quick movement caught my attention out the window of my office.

#4 The shooting of Mark Hasse, a deputy, was the worst fear of the judge who heard the chaos outside his window. The police could not reach anyone to tell them what was going on.

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