Summary of Thomas Fleming's The Strategy of Victory

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#1 On April 19, 1775, the men of Lexington, Massachusetts, were preparing for a British attack. They were part-time warriors called militia, and they had been designated minutemen by the royal government.

#2 The Lexington militia were ready for the British, but they were not prepared for the British light infantry companies that arrived. The captain turned to his men and told them to disperse without firing, but most of them began to drift away in various directions.

#3 The battle began when the British light infantrymen, who were the front line, stopped and fired their muskets. The second rank stepped to the right, and the third rank stepped to the right. The men had practiced this maneuver multiple times during the winter.

#4 The British marched for Concord, five miles away, oblivious of the fact that they had started a war. They found no gunpowder and very few weapons in Concord, whose residents had anticipated their searches and hidden everything they hoped to find. The British suffered 73 men killed and 174 wounded.

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