Summary of Thomas McKelvey Cleaver's The Frozen Chosen

by   Everest Media (Author)
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Sample Book Insights:

#1 The city is a caricature of the human body: smelly, dirty, commanding, rich, and indulgent. As you hurry across the wooden bridge over Shitbrook and hasten towards the gates, the contrasts become even more vivid.

#2 A major town is a place of fear and decay, but the moment you walk under the shadow of a city gatehouse, you realize it is much more than that. In Exeter, for example, as soon as you enter the city gate, you face the wide and handsome prospect of South Street.

#3 The city of York is alive with activity. You will see merchants selling their goods out of small, crowded stores. The city is full of people, and you will soon forget about the traitors.

#4 The noise and textures of a city do not reflect the number of people who live there. The largest cities in England, such as London, can only be compared to the largest Continental cities.

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