Is Jehovah Universally the Only Supreme God?

In the Beginning God Created
de P. Dalton Simms (Auteur)
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To all who may be privileged to encounter this book, I do hope that it can bring a tranquil peace knowing that it speaks of a creator and at the same time points to scriptures that might or might not convince its readers. Believing in a creator or not is a freedom of choice duly given even before one enters into creation. So, before accepting or not grab a copy and read for yourself then feel free to disagree or not. We will still be cardual friends, author and reader, believer or none believer the creator loves us all equally the same. Just or unjust the rain falls for all so as the sun moon and stars shines for all, we all live and die so as the beast weather we have a few letters to our names or a bank full of money our wealth or possessions does not make us exist any longer than our time here on planet earth. So believing in a supreme God or not it does not matter as the world keeps on turning and things roll over. My greatest desires are for humanity to live in peace and love. So read and voice your opinion privately or not, to the question on the title of the book, Is Jehovah the only Supreme God? Everyone has the responsibility in believing in a creator just as they do, and also accept rulers over them here on earth.

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3 août 2022
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