In Pursuit of an Entrepreneurial Culture

by Raushan Gross (Author)
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This book describes several vital principles of what constitutes an entrepreneurial culture. The most important principle of an entrepreneurial culture is that entrepreneurship is for everyone, and people can assume the economic function of the entrepreneur easier than ever before in human history. Further, the market institutions allow everyone to participate in the marketplace. Human interaction and cooperation are the essences of entrepreneurship carried out in the marketplace. This book casts light on the most critical fact: entrepreneurship is for the few, the wealthy, or the lucky. This book debunks those narratives by explaining that entrepreneurship can be for anybody—for real people in the real world. Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone for the making of any society; it is within human nature to cooperate and do good through the marketplace mechanisms. An entrepreneurial culture grows out of the act of human cooperation.

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August 03, 2022
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