“Shakers and Movers”

Faith Businesspreneurs
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God created man in His image and ordained work as part of His original design for humanity. But for some, work is more of a curse than a blessing. Furthermore, God assigned work as a natural extension of His kingdom for us to be in a coworker relationship where God is sovereign.

“Shakers and Movers,” FaithBusinessPreneurs gives people the opportunity to take off the golden handcuffs that allows one to remain in a dead-end job because of the benefits or the comfort level it brings. Free yourself and embrace
other options or assignments that God has purposed for your life. In this interactive and transformational book, you will enhance your knowledge skills and abilities to:
Honor God in the workplace.
Develop a growth mindset that will allow you to walk into your calling.
Assess your readiness to enter faith-based entrepreneurship.
Explore and determine the right business for you.
Learn what faith has to do with work.
Utilize sound budgeting and financial practices based upon godly principles.
Integrate faith-based practices in your business.
Start and operate your faith-based business.
Much, much more!

This educational and inspiring book is a road map that will prepare and equip you to enter business entrepreneurship using faith as your anchor.

This book offers a spiritual perspective on not being dependent on a job but branching out to start your own business whether full-time or part-time. Also, this book stands on the foundation of the Word of God as the principal source to assist the budding FaithBusinessPreneur and to those who desire to honor God in the workplace.

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August 03, 2022
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