The Good, the Bad, and the Itar

Helpful Hacks to Prevent an ITAR Screwup at Your Company
de Glenn Ishikawa (Autor)
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This book is purposefully void of any actual export regulations. The book simply aims to provide export control awareness and helpful tips across the board for any company and any person in the aerospace and defense industry to mitigate chances of export violations. This simple and fun read, which uses occasional pop culture references to drive home a point, will attempt to not only explain not only why export controls exist but also ingrain the philosophy of ITAR controls in everyone’s mindset for it to be a seamless part of your work landscape. It provides a macro view on those sensitive and possibly exposed areas for you to reevaluate and better protect your technologies and hardware from unauthorized access. This book is not an internal control plan for your company but may provide ideas to help identify and turn over some compliance stones previously left unturned. The goal is to increase export intelligence to all employees of a company manufacturing export-controlled commodities and to prevent that dreaded and soul-sucking export violation.

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1 de agosto de 2022
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