Animal Farm Ii - the Machine

The Self Authoring of Animalkind
by Crystal-Dawn Short (Author)
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In 2022, a solar flare set global events into effect that would bring about the positive change sought by all. A Canadian Parole intent on writing Animal Farm Part II stumbles upon 1984 in her research of George Orwell. It is believed George's failing health to be cause for the thin veil that existed between our worlds as he tapped into knowledge of the future from the universe. She compares current society with that predicted to create wildlife characters for Animal Farm Part II. Surely with so many decades past, the Farm Animals had all diversified to a wide range of species globally. Ever since the Pigs and Men had met that fateful night on Manor Farm, a terrifying doom faced the Planet as The Machine drained the resources. Could the Machine be stopped? George Orwell gave us the secret in 1984, and in 2022, knowledge from the Akashic Records was ready to be released to the World!

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August 07, 2022
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