Why M.S. Has Destroyed My Life

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Jill Silver was in her junior year of dental school when her forearm suddenly became numb. After receiving an MRI, her doctors informed her in a phone conversation that she had multiple sclerosis and that there was no cure. Determined to keep her diagnosis a secret, Jill lived symptom-free for years while practicing dentistry, marrying a fabulous man, and giving birth to two children. In a candid narrative, Jill chronicles how the symptoms of her chronic disease eventually began affecting her life, career, and family as she battled troubles with her gait and stride, vision, dizziness, and exhaustion. While revealing how she sought both traditional and holistic treatment and dealt with medication side effects, Jill also discloses how her personal life began to unravel in ways she never expected. As she divulges how MS robbed her of her happiness and security, Jill also provides illuminating insight into how she somehow found a way to press forward, despite her challenges, and realize that even though she has MS, it does not have her. How MS Destroyed My Life is the raw and honest true story of one woman’s struggles with a chronic disease as she battles through obstacles and attempts to find hope.

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7 août 2022
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