Reflections from the Covid-19 Pandemic: Pursuits of Panaceas

by Neha B. Jampala (Author)
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This book is a nonfiction endeavor that aims to capture a snapshot of what American society was like during the public health crisis of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through a series of interviews featuring people who have struggled with loss, financial limitations, and working strenuous frontline jobs, the book aims to elucidate crucial voices who share their experiences of how they coped, persisted, and reflected during quarantines and lockdowns. These interviews, all of which have been transformed into a cohesive article/story-like format, also feature people who have pioneered change during the pandemic, such as PPE providers, nonprofit organizations, and heads of major institutions in education and healthcare. Hopefully, readers will be left with a scintilla of each person’s story and will reflect upon the lessons we have learned during the pandemic — lessons that remind us of the strength and intricacy of humanity.

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August 07, 2022
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