11 Lessons from My Dead Dad

How I Learned To Communicate With My Passed Loved Ones & How You Can Too
by Rory Walkom (Author)
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For far too long, we’ve been told that those who communicate with the deceased are ‘gifted’ with a special ability - you either have it, or you don’t. Rory Walkom breaks through this outdated belief by telling the story of how she learned to connect with her father after his passing, and teaching you how to develop this gift for yourself.
11 Lessons From My Dead Dad gives you a step-by-step process for opening up lines of communication with your passed loved ones. You’ll see for yourself that the dead are not gone, and that the ability to communicate with them has always been within you.
Through the 11 Lessons, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of death, the afterlife, and life itself. You’ll see what the world of mediumship really looks like, and as you open up your own innate intuitive abilities, you’ll discover the healing that comes with living a life guided by spirit.
This is not just the story of how Rory became a medium, but of how you become one, too. Get ready to feel the presence of your loved ones in spirit, see the signs that they’re still around, and experience a connection continued in ways you never believed possible!

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August 04, 2022
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