Why Smart Teens Hurt

Helping Adolescents Cope with the Consequences of Intelligence (Teenage psychology, Teen depression and anxiety)
by Eric Maisel (Author)
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The teenage years are turbulent and difficult for most teens. Smart teens are faced with additional challenges that are rarely addressed and that are likely to result in a “mental disorder” label (like ADHD). In Why Smart Teens Hurt, teens, their parents, and all interested readers will learn:

  • How to identify the 16 characteristic challenges that smart teens face

  • How to employ clear, simple strategies for dealing with each of these 16 challenges

  • How to deal with the special anxieties that come with being both smart and a teen

  • How to deal with the existential despair that makes the teen years so dark and difficult for so many smart teens

  • How to deal with the powerful hunger to “get on with life” that causes smart teens so much agitation and restlessness

  • How smart teens can more effectively deal with family dynamics, including inevitable family collisions

  • How smart teens can deal with the pressure put on them not to manifest their individuality or their intelligence

  • How smart teens can create a plan for navigating their way through their turbulent teen years

This first-ever look at the special challenges facing smart teens paints a clear picture of a smart teen’s struggles—and what he or she can do to both survive and thrive.

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August 09, 2022
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