Developing Values

Go Forth With Courage
by Barbara Ann Munster (Author)
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We seem to be living in a fractionalized world where many things are vying for our attention. How can we choose? What groups do we join? What do we value and why? Where do we put our attention? What has meaning? Drastic changes are taking place in our families, communities, organizations, and the world. What will guide us?

Barbara asks these complex questions and guides the reader through an explanation of her life to explore how she became aware of her basic values, examined them, and began to change ideas to fit our current world. She shares what influencing factors affected her from childhood to adulthood to be an example of a way to examine one's own truths. She leaves you with these challenging questions.

What values do you hold dear?

What helps you feel alive?

What can help guide you through this maze?

How can we live together in a community with constant change?

How can we help others?

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August 08, 2022
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