Education On A Conveyor Belt

by Bliss,Robert L. (Author)
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Education on a Conveyor Belt is a challenging look at the rapid decline of education in the United States. The goal in education has shifted from pride in excellence, whether individually or collectively, to a ride on the educational conveyor belt where the motto is, “No one can fail.”

The author casts a wide net outlining the future repercussions of an educational format based on the conveyor belt. The most damaging is that of graduating high school and college students with insufficient knowledge for growth in their adult life.

Teachers, administrators, parents, and business leaders are affected, and their concerns are addressed along with those of students. Options to traditional public schools are presented along with the positives and negatives of each.

Students, at all levels, face a difficult time. They are confronted with COVID-19, omicron viruses, masking rules, universities and high schools proclaiming various words offensive (with optional words), creating divisive situations between students, faculty, and parents. Meanwhile, academic standards are reduced; test requirements are lowered, and an attempt to redo history by destroying statues, pictures, and buildings have all added to the creation of the Education on a Conveyor Belt theory.

The conveyor belt is still running.

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August 10, 2022
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