HE MUST INCREASE; I MUST DECREASE A Journey To Restoration, Identity And Purpose

by Jeff Cropper (Author)
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Upon calling His twelve disciples, Jesus declared just two words to each: “Follow me.” He gave no explanation as to where or for what reason. Simply an invitation to go, by faith, on a journey with Him. An adventure that would change them forever. One that would restore relationship with their Father, establish true identity in Him, and reveal His purpose for their lives. Our Lord continues to extend that same offer to each and every one of those that have been given to Him by His Father. The words on these pages share such a journey and its life-altering revelations and impact. Come along and witness what Jesus has for each of us who will accept His invite and follow Him. Eleven of the twelve disciples did exactly that, and they were transformed into powerful ambassadors for and servants of the kingdom of God. We can be as well.

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August 10, 2022
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