Birds: Our Fine Feathered Friends: Seen by Sue and Drew

by Gene Crumbley (Author)
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This book is about a fictitious girl and boy seeing real birds in their own yard and in other places.

The story originated many years ago when the author read a story in Birds and Blooms about a man who built a bird feeder for two children, who moved in next door to him, to help them enjoy the many birds that would come to the feeder.

The author then attempted to take a picture of each bird he had seen in his lifetime (at this point in time—for ninety-three years) and put them in a book form with an eight-line poem about each bird for children to read and enjoy.

Except for Sue and Drew and their mom and dad, the people, places, and circumstances are real, and all the bird pictures were taken by the author himself, unless otherwise noted in the credits.

It is his hope that this book will help children of all ages, and adults as well, learn more about God’s wonderful and beautiful flying creatures.

Enjoy the birds!

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August 10, 2022
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