Jamaican Juice

de Andre Gordon (Auteur)
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Jamaican immigrant Ray Moore has only one objective when he moves to New York—to make enough money so he can help his brother, Rudy, receive cancer treatments in Kingston. Despite his best efforts, Rudy is only getting worse. When Ray receives an offer he cannot refuse, everything changes as he leaves his job as a hotel dishwasher and embarks on a dangerous path into the world of drug dealing.

It has been a year since Marisha Craskell was forced to drop out of university and become a bartender. When she receives an anonymous text offering her full financial support to return to college, Marisha is left wondering who the author is and whether she should accept his invitation to go on a date with him. But what Marisha does not know is that a phone call is
about to propel her down a new path.

Malik Brenner never thought his cousin, D’angelo, would find his way to the United States from Jamaica. But when he opens the door to him, Malik soon discovers that the decision to open the door comes with enormous consequences.

Jamaican Juice shares three short stories that explore the reality of immigrants in the United States as each battles their own unique challenges.

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8 août 2022
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