The There Barely

The There Barely

by Kelly Anne Manuel (Author)
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“THE THERE BARELY ” was born as a poem and remains so in this newly minted Book Three of Kelly Anne Manuel’s Childhood Classics. In this story the Child is invited on a journey where inner strength reigns supreme and shines through all fear, doubt, and concern.

“The There Barely” offers a standing invitation to the Child. The hunt is the beginning of an adventure that the Child will naturally join in pursuit. The Child will be fascinated
with the opportunity to see themself as the strong, independent and fierce individual that they are. The Child will learn that there is always hope, light, and support for
them in their own internal Self.

The simple words take on new meaning as the illustrations pair perfectly with their presentation. The Child will read that there are others represented in the story who experience normal yet challenging emotions. The message is that if the characters in the story can hunt for support when these emotions arise, they can too.

Children will experience the emotions presented in “The There Barely.” Why not explore the author’s theory that sometimes we have to dig deep down to find motivation
to cope with these emotions. “The There Barely” states that this motivation may feel hidden and distant but the hunt for it will always be fruitful and rewarding.

It is in Early Childhood that self esteem and identity are under major construction. “The There Barely” is a tool in a Caregiver’s toolbox to assist with that healthy formation. The idea that sometimes we feel overwhelmed by circumstances and events must be addressed in the company of solutions. The Child who reads this books will be rewarded with the lesson that coping and healing is a necessary part of being human.

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August 08, 2022
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